STEAM kits

Since Tynkertopia’s temporary closure on March 14 due to the coronavirus, Dr. Alice and her staff have been creating and distributing approximately 200 STEAM Kits each week that are distributed to students at the Boys and Girls Club and elementary schools throughout Flagstaff.

Our STEAM Kits to date have included:

  • Planting seeds and recording their growth each week
  • Creating paper airplanes and testing how far they will travel
  • Creating hanging mobiles featuring different geometric shapes
  • Creating catapults and testing how far different objects travel when launched from the catapult
  • Creating anemometers to test wind direction and strength
  • Creating and testing the strength of three paper columns: square, triangular, and round
  • Creating boats of three shapes from aluminum foil and recording how many pebbles each will hold before it sinks
  • Solving a number of toothpick puzzles
  • Creating the longest possible paper chain out of one piece of construction paper
  • Creating a balloon rocket

Tynkertopia supplies all the materials that kids will need to do the STEAM Challenge each week. We have created and distributed STEAM Kits for ten weeks already and will continue this practice until schools reopen perhaps in August, perhaps later.