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Interesting Articles about STEM and STEAM Education

  • Why Making Is Essential to Learning
    • At the heart of making is the idea that all students are creators, and hands-on learning plays a key role in maker education.
  • Engineering for Kids: Why is STEM Education So Important?
    • Parents: Encourage your children to pursue STEM activities and increase awareness and interest at home and in extracurricular activities such as those found at Tynkertopia.
  • What is STEM and STEAM? A Guide for Parents and Educators
    • STEM and STEAM are project- and inquiry-based activities with a focus on interdisciplinary learning.
  • Cool STEM Resources on the Web
    • A long list of STEM resources helpful for parents and teachers
  • Beyond LEGOS: Coding for Kids
    • This article features Gretchen Caserotti’s library’s successful kids’ coding classes with an annotated list of resources. Don’t let the fact that you don’t know how to write code stop you from helping kids learn to code.
  • Introducing Coding to Young Minds
    • Coding benefits children in numerous ways. Read to discover how.
  • STEM Read
    • This site provides year-round programs for K-12 readers. Students, educators, and librarians can join virtual communities to read selected science fiction books, watch online talks from STEM experts and authors, play games that explore the science behind the fiction or write collaborative sci-fi stories.
  • Preschool Teachers Ask Children Too Many Simple Questions: Study examined teachers’ approach during shared reading
    • When preschool teachers read books in their classrooms, the questions they ask play a key role in how much children learn, research has shown. But a new study that involved observing teachers during class story times found that they asked few questions — and those that they did ask were usually too simple.
  • Language-savvy Parents Improve Their Children’s Reading Development
    • Parents with higher reading-related knowledge are not only more likely to have children with higher reading scores but are also more attentive when those children read out loud to them.
  • Activities to Do with Your Toddler
    • This article provides a number of fun activities that you can do with your Toddlers at home during COVID-19 and beyond.
  • Top 15 Educatiopnal TV Shows for Kids of All Ages
    • This articles discusses the importance of good TV content and provides an overview of 15 excellence TV shows for kids aged 3 – 13 and beyond.

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