Three sisters @ Tynkertopia

Why Come to Tynkertopia?

 Kids of all ages enjoy coming to Tynkertopia to build, create, explore, discover, tinker, and have fun learning about science, technology, engineering, art, and math.

Our motto is:
Think with your Hands • Learn by Doing!

Two teens with a jigsaw puzzle

Tynkertopia Workshops

 Come to one or all of the many Tynkertopia Workshops. You can make slime or kinetic sand, interact with scientists in our community, create an art project, and much more.

Try Thinking with Your Hands
and Learning by Doing!

Slime Workshop

About Tynkertopia

 Tynkertopia is a great space
to try something new!

Try a STEAM challenge, create some art, build something in our workshop, experiment with materials you haven’t used before, and learn through trial and error.

Take Apart Peek Inside Class

Tynkertopia Classes

Tynkertopia offers lots of interesting classes:

Take Apart and Peek Inside
Paper Circuitry
Digital Photograpy
Creating Websites

Paper Circuitry

Build a Robot

Child with Robot
Student with Wooden Robot

Fun @ Tynkertopia

Creating in the Workshop
Create a Car
Motorized Craft
Let's Do Some Science
Child Building in Workshop
Build a Pyramid

More Fun @ Tynkertopia

Student Creating a Lego Robot
Wooden Sculpture
Student Planning a Creation
Creating with Magnets
Celebrate Tynkertopia

For the Little Kids

Tynkertopia Playroom
Gardening @ Tynkertopia
Child Building
Child with Creation