Tynkertopia Needs Volunteers!

Tynkertopia volunteers use their unique skills and interests to provide an atmosphere of creativity and inquiry for visitors to Tynkertopia. Please volunteer your time and expertise to open new challenges of learning for our participants. Volunteer applications are available online or in our community center. ​ If you don’t have the time to volunteer, then please tell your friends about Tynkertopia.

Find the volunteer application at: https://www.tynkertopia.org/audience/volunteers/


We are also looking for volunteers to teach classes in robotics, coding, electronics, engineering, and Lego robotics starting in February. Each series of classes meets for an hour per week three or four times during the month. Please email founder@tynkertopia.org if you’d like to teach a class at Tynkertopia in 2020!

Guest Speakers

We are also looking for guest speakers to share their passion about any STEAM topic/area. Guest speakers give hour-long interactive presentations on specific days and times convenient to the speakers. Please email founder@tynkertopia.org if you’d like to give a presentation at Tynkertopia in 2020!