Advisory Board Member Natalie Rose

Natalie Rose

Natalie Rose spent her early career years working as an auditor for the Internal Revenue Service and then as a program analyst at the US Government Accountability Office. Observing her children go through school with a bit of struggle in paying attention, she developed an interest in teaching. After going back to college for general and special education credentials, she taught middle school special education math, science, English and history in Los Angeles.

When she retired and relocated to Flagstaff, she was thrilled to discover Tynkertopia. As a volunteer, she could continue working with children in a setting that closely aligns with her educational philosophy. Natalie believes that some of the best learning opportunities come when children get to explore and build and engage in real life applications of math and science concepts. She especially enjoys giving students a reason to adopt the mindset and use the vocabulary of the engineering design process and the scientific method.